About Us

Established in 1980, G.O. Shelving is the largest provider of ‘Total Storage Solutions’ in South Australia. We enjoy an enviable reputation of being able to react quickly and concisely to customers needs at very short notice with our full range of products and services. These products and services include:

Full relocation from small offices to complete warehouse operations, multiple major product brands, repairs and maintenance of all types of storage systems we also have a specialty manufacturing facility.
Based at 6 Transport Avenue, Netley, South Australia, G.O. Shelving is centrally located and can effectively service the total Adelaide market with the highest levels of customer service available today. Our business spans back over 30 years and we have a combined experience base of some 180 years with our skilled and dedicated team. We have a commitment to training and increasing our technical skills through programmed training and skill sharing practices, see the ‘training’ section of this document. 
G.O. Shelving began originally as a company that carried out installations, relocations and repairs and maintenance of racking and storage systems. Over our many years of professional services in this area we fast became Adelaide’s leading relocation and installations specialists. Adding to our broad business base over the ensuing years we were awarded the distribution rights to many major product brands. See the ‘products and services’ section of this document. 
We have an unsurpassed list of clientele for whom we have provided varying degree’s of our products and services to. These projects range in size from the smallest of office relocations to complete warehousing fitouts. We manage the complete logistics from the clearing out of shelves and drawers through to the relocation of workstation systems and the relocation of racking and shelving in warehousing/distribution centres.

At G.O. Shelving we provide the option to our customers to either purchase or rent many of our products. Rentals can be long or short term. We offer new products of all our brands but also have a huge range of second hand stock and refurbished stock available.
Relocation Services:
G.O. Shelving is the largest and most experienced relocation specialist business in South Australia. We have extensive experience in providing the full logistical function for any size relocation project, from the small office right up to large warehouse and distribution centres. We manage everything from start to finish, including workstation, storage, and filing systems dismantling and re-assembly, transport, short term off site storage and temporary storage during the relocation. 
The extent of our logistical coverage is from the very first stage of the project right through to handover and re-occupancy. Or we can commence at any stage as required and pick up the project at a point suitable to the client. We can share or vary the required job tasks with the client if desired ie, the emptying and re-stocking of shelves could be done by the client if required, then G.O. Shelving can complete all other tasks in between. This may allow the client to relocate their stock in a different location/format based on our ‘Total Storage Solutions’ recommendation.  We can provide the complete solution to your relocating needs.
Repair Service:
With our large team of product specialists and the expertise we have within our business, it’s no wonder we are the most called upon storage specialists for repairs of all types of storage systems. We carry out repairs on all brands and types of storage systems: -
1.Pallet racking
2.Compactus Systems
3.Steel storage shelves
4.Steel cupboards
5.Steel file storage systems
6.Conveyor systems
7.Mezzanine floors and stairs
Maintenance Service: 
In today’s modern business world we are more and more conscious of our responsibilities and liabilities for OH&S. We have a responsibility for the safety and well being of every person that is in or near our place of business or operation. This need to demonstrate the proper care and due diligence is particularly critical in the area of storage and distribution of products. 
In these areas there are many opportunities for accidents and injuries because of the lack of good quality maintenance on the storage systems and equipment that are in use. Forklifts or other vehicles will damage your equipment or it will just wear and fail over a given time due to its usage. The result of this wear and failure can result in an accident, which can dramatically affect your business. These accidents are not just confined to warehousing where pallets and product fall from damaged or broken racking and shelving, even in an office environment a simple filing cabinet or compactus unit that has faulty or damaged runner/roller systems can stick and pull over onto the operator causing serious injuries. There is a cost effective way to help reduce accidents and injuries and therefore reduce Workcover premiums: - Periodical Maintenance. 
At G.O. Shelving we have developed a cost effective process to ensure that your storage systems and equipment is always safe and reliable. We will come and discuss your risk, exposure and possible problems with you. From there we will conduct a complete site audit on your storage systems and equipment, reporting back all areas of potential improvement. We will then develop a very cost effective ‘Periodical Maintenance’ program with you. These programs are designed to reduce you cost of operation, improve your operational efficiency and assist in providing a safe working environment. 
Manufacturing and Product Modification/Refurbishment Service: 
G.O. Shelving is the only ‘Total Storage Solution’ business in SA/NT that manufactures various products to support and improve our already extensive product range and specialist parts replacement service. We also modify and vary clients’ products and systems to adapt their storage requirements to their change in business direction. Our refurbishment service can be as basic as a simple respray of your equipment or as complete as re-engineering, modifying and re-installing it again to be more functional and look like brand new.
Pallet Racking:
G.O. Shelving is the exclusive South Australian/Northern Territory distributor for Colby products. Colby is a division of the worldwide Dematic Group, one of the worlds leading technology and engineering companies. The Colby Pallet Racking systems are premium quality engineering with function and flexibility to suit any conceivable application. 
We provide all types of racking options for all applications: -
3.Double Deep
4.High Bay
5.Narrow Aisle
6.Push Back
We provide full site surveys and audits and develop the best floor plan with the highest utilisation and access rates achievable. We do not base our recommendations on just what your operation requires now but we allow flexibility into the design so your future operations can change as your business does.
Steel Shelving: 
Shelving isn’t just shelving; there are many types, designs, load capacities, colours, storage features, accessories, heights, depths and widths. We have a full range of almost every option you will require for your Industrial, Commercial or Office application:
1.Rolled Upright/Edge Type – light and medium duty
2.Unichannel - heavy duty
3.Slotted Angle – economical, versatile, light and medium duty 
4.Commercial Shelving – decorative finishes for offices
5.Wide Span – for heavier bulky product storage
6.Accessories – shelf dividers, file racks, drawers, label holders, storage bins, and suspension file systems.
Compactus Type Systems: 
All office environments store files and documents of many different shapes and sizes. A properly designed and installed Compactus Type System can reduce the floor space required to store these items by up to 50%. This allows additional storage for other items without the need to pay for additional floor space or off site storage. 
Most applications suit a standard modular configuration, however if your situation is a little unusual we can design a customised system for you. 
Our systems are extremely versatile and we can install them on virtually any flooring surface, regardless of how uneven it may be. The Compactus Type Systems are OH&S friendly due to the unique design in the roller mechanism allowing easy operation. They come as an option of mechanically or electronically controlled, range of standard colour options or we can customise to your requirements, various accessory options, locking mechanisms for added security, exceptional storage capacity limited only by the available space you wish to better utilise.
Mezzanine Floors and Stairs: 
Because we are the only ‘Total Storage Solutions’ provider in SA/NT that has manufacturing capabilities, we can very cost effectively adapt mezzanine flooring as a part of the total solution we provide your business. They are individually designed and engineered to suit your specific application, greatly improving the available space you have for storage. 
Our Mezzanine Floors and Stair systems compliment almost every business application and once again this system reduces costs by taking away the need to take up more floor space, instead utilising the wasted air space above you.  
Steel Storage Cupboards, Filing Cabinets and Locker Systems:
A huge selection of these products are available through G.O. Shelving, and are mostly held in stock for immediate delivery and installation. We carry all major brands including Brownbuilt, Namco and F.G.P. 
1.Anti-tilt Filing Cabinets – 2,3 & 4 drawer options
2.Lateral Filing Cabinets
3.Plan File Storage Systems – 6 &10 drawer options
4.Card Filing Cabinets
5.Mobile Pedestal Units
6.Tambour Door Cupboards
7.Swing Door Cupboards
8.Sliding Door Cupboards
9.Locker Systems – schools, sporting, industrial.
Carton ‘Live’ Storage: 
Reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your order pick lines with a very effective system called Carton ‘Live’ Storage. We design a system based on your pick line demand and materials flow. The system simply allows the next carton to flow forward to the face of the pick location providing a ‘self replenishment’ process of your products. This system can accommodate any carton size, it is very flexible and can be easily reconfigured as your pick line needs change.
Conveyor Systems:
G.O. Shelving consult, design and install conveyor systems for all types of storage and material flow applications. These may be as simple as straight aisle manual roller systems right through to complex automated, multiple level, robotic storage and picking systems. 
Merchandise Display Systems: 
Our exclusive distributor rights to the BDS range of merchandise display systems means we not only solve your bulk storage problems with our racking and shelving products but we can integrate your bulk storage system with this highly visual and effective merchandise system.  It is extremely versatile allowing unlimited display configurations to suit any application.
1.Gondola Style – tiered shelf effect
2.Straight Single Sided Rack Type – for end aisles
3.Straight Double Sided Rack Type – for centre aisles
4.Wall Stripping Type – wall mounted displays
5.Wire Display Type – free standing, rotating
6.Accessories – wire ware, hooks, hanging rails, brackets
Materials Handling Equipment: 
Within our large team we have many years of experience in providing Materials Handling Equipment. To ensure you have the best ‘Total Storage Solution’ for your needs we can help determine and provide the best equipment to support this. We will evaluate your operational needs and discuss the materials flow with you, then provide options on various pieces of equipment. This may range from a hand pallet trucks, walkie stackers, reach trucks, stock pickers, ride-on pallet movers and forklifts.  
OH&S - G.O. Shelving have strict policies and procedures to ensure that the safety of our employees and any other person who is on our premises or any site we are working on is not put at risk of any injury as a result of our actions or activities.
Insurance - G.O. Shelving holds a current Insurance Policy with a public liability cover of $10,000,000. We have insurance cover for our own assets: – building, plant and equipment, and we also self-insure for other items.
Training – Due to our diversity, we have a strong training focus across all departments in our business. This ensures we stay abreast of new and leading edge technology, guaranteeing our customers the most up to date approach to all the ‘Total Storage Solutions’ we provide. We also review and up skill our staff constantly to give us a very flexible and multi-skilled team with the benefit of then having additional training to further develop our specialists in their areas of expertise. 
Industrial Relations – Our industrial relations record is second to none. We have various union memberships based on the particular industry award that is applicable to that person/department. We guarantee all site/industrial relations compliance whilst we are actively involved on site.
Site Inductions – To ensure site compliance is met we carry out detailed site inductions for all our staff who are working on that site or who may need to visit the site at any stage. This covers areas such as basic familiarisation, fire and emergency procedures, first aid locations, hazardous goods, right through to awareness and consideration of interruptions to other area’s that may be still be in operation whilst we are on site.
Legislative Compliance – As a large and prominent South Australian company we are relentless in ensuring we have 100% compliance of the legislative requirements and governing by-laws of Federal, State and Local Government, Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and any other codes, standards or requirement that are necessary for the project we are involved in.
Fully compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry - Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. 
All work we do complies with all required governing standards including AS4084-1993.