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Mark 5 Gondola Shelving Systems

The B.D.S. Gondola Shelving System is the quiet achiever in some of the biggest retail stores around Australia. It could be the systems versatility, style, range of accessories or just the ease of assembly, that makes it suitable for any type of store no matter the shape or size. Accessories do play a big part in most stores and when displaying merchandise of any type, the key is to 
display it in a way that it is beneficial to both the store owner and customer. B.D.S manufacturers a complete range of products and accessories to do just this. 


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to assemble
  • Single or double sided systems available 
  • Two base profiles to choose from ("T" or "H" Leg)
  • Can be customised to suit your specific requirements or corporate branding and colours
  • The option of shallow depth shelving makes the Mark 5 System suitable for stores with restricted or limited space