G.O. Shelving Product Overview

G.O. SHELVING Total Storage Solutions ® www.goshelving.com.au | (08) 8352 5000 | info@goshelving.com.au 1 Colby Selective Pallet Racking • Australian made; unsurpassed quality • Cost effective, high capacity storage • Maximum storage flexibility and versatility • Ideal where flexibility, access and speed of operation are the main objectives • 100% pallet selectivity at all times • Can be designed to handle virtually any pallet size or weight • Systems are designed to suit individual needs and are configurable to suit storage requirements, warehouse parameters and materials handling equipment Selective Pallet Racking • Match up to your existing Pallet Rack Systems • Designed and engineered to ensure that load capacities and performance standards exceed the given load ratings, with higher than required safety margins • We repair, replace, make modifications and additions to all types and brands of Pallet Racking • Few limitations to the types of goods that can be stored • Simple to install and easily adjusted or relocated Colby Drive In Pallet Racking • High density storage for fast moving SKU’s • A great solution when selectivity is not a necessity; works on the Last In, First Out (LIFO) principle • Designed for storing large quantities of the same product • Lane depth is limited only by practicality • Efficiently concentrates storage • Maximises warehouse space by eliminating picking aisles, thus creating more storage within the same available floor space • Perfect for cool room and freezer storage