Colby Carton Live Storage (CLS)

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Condensing the pick face and rotating your stock

Colby Carton Live Storage Systems are a gravity-fed order picking system, designed to increase efficiency and productivity by consolidating storage. A purpose-built shelving system that enhances picking performance, by condensing the pick face and reducing the distance order pickers need to walk when assembling orders, Carton Live Storage helps you save space and time. As cartons are emptied and removed from the pick face, reserve stock gently rolls into place providing rapid replenishment and automatic stock rotation.


Features & Benefits

  • First In, First Out (FIFO) automatic stock rotation and pick face replenishment
  • Improved picking productivity and simplified stock selection
  • Easily adjusted or reconfigured for various different product types and sizes
  • Offers both full and split carton picking
  • Can be free standing or integrated as part of a racking system or raised storage area
  • Seperate picking and restocking aisles means the two can happen simultaneously
  • Reduced labour and running costs
  • Eliminates the need for urgent pick face replenishments