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Electronically powered, high density storage

Mobile Racking Systems are a little different to most commercial racking solutions, as instead of being secured to the warehouse floor, the racks are mounted to electronically-powered mobile bases. Each base is fitted with four direct-drive, low torque, high inertia motors that work to ensure an even and uniform drive. The bases also feature structural protection devices to absorb any accidental impacts from forklifts. These protection devices also protect the base and power cables, while also keeping the wheel units aligned correctly and moving in the same direction.

Aisles are a necessary evil in warehouses. They enable ready access to stock for man and machines between rows of pallet racking and other types of shelving systems. However, many aisles lie empty most of the time. When you consider that aisles can account for a large percentage of the available floorspace, warehouse operators pay a very high price for space they rarely use.

Mobile Racking Systems eliminate the need for aisles between every row, with just the one aisle effectively servicing as many as 10-20 rows of racking. When a forklift operator needs access to a row, they simply push a button on the control panel at the end of the required row, and the mobile racks open in under 60 seconds, creating the required aisle. When the operator has completed picking within one aisle and needs access to another, they travel to the end of the relevant row, press a button and the mobile racking system automatically repositions to create a new aisle where required. This process can be automated, saving time as the aisle will already be open by the time the operator arrives at the location.

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Features & Benefits

  • Australian made, unsurpassed quality
  • Cost effective, high capacity storage
  • Improves floor space utilisation increasing overall storage capacity within a given area
  • Eliminates the need for aisles between every row with just one aisle servicing as many as 10-20 rows of racking
  • Easy access by operators at the touch of a button with automation options available
  • Quick access with aisles opening in as little as 60 seconds
  • In most applications, Mobile Racking Systems will provide approximately 30-50% greater storage capacity than selective and double deep racking
  • Particularly suited to chiller and freezer applications
  • In addition to storing palletised goods (cartons, drums, sacks etc.) racks can be fitted with various types of decking to suit multiple other applications such as archive storage

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