Colby Double Deep Racking

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Storing pallets two deep for improved capacity

For businesses where both storage volume and selectivity is key, Double Deep Pallet Racking may be the solution to the puzzle. Double Deep Pallet Racking is the best compromise between a selective and high-density pallet racking system. 

Cost effective, bulk storage is achieved by storing pallets two deep, reducing the space required for aisles and resulting in higher storage density, while operators are still able to access stock easily and relatively quickly. 

Double Deep Pallet Racking offers easy access through dual pantograph or sliding fork attachments, which are specifically designed to reach the second pallet location.


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Features & Benefits

  • Increases storage density when compared to selective pallet racking
  • Maximum access for minimum cost
  • Suitable for high-throughput stock where restricted access is not a problem
  • Double Deep Pallet Racking can be easily adjusted, relocated or added to at any time
  • With a reduced warehouse footprint, this racking offers a good balance between storage density and product accessibility
  • Ideal for businesses with a minimal range of products, delivering in high volumes

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